Civil Engineering Students of UMY Assist High School Students Confront Global Challenges


Enhancing ability and participating in development of this nation, Civil Engineering Student Association (HMS) of Engineering Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized Civil Classical Fest 2015. The competition was joined by students of Senior High School/Vocational School across Java. It aimed at assisting young generation confront global challenges which is getting more complex and harder. Moreover, it is coming close to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 that young generation obviously needs to prepare themselves for competing with others.

Rudi Saputra, a student of Civil Engineering batch 2013 as well as the Chief of the event, stated that, facing AEC 2015, young generation, both university and high school/vocational school students had occasions to evolve themselves so that they would not lose in competing with people from various ASEAN states. “This competition points at creating qualified students who are able to vie in international level,” he said when being interviewed during the competition on Saturday (4/4) in Lobby of Medical Faculty of UMY.

The competition conducted since Friday (3/4) was also with the purpose of preparing young engineers of this country for the future. He argued that, seeing what would ensue in AEC 2015, there would be foreign engineers coming to Indonesia. “Thus, we ought to prepare young generation for being qualified engineers. Additionally, we have to develop ourselves so that we could compete with others,” he asserted.

Rudi continued that the Civil Classical Fest encompassed of competition of stick bridge design, building scale model, and Scientific Writing (LKTI). All the competitions were expected to raise students’ awareness of research. It was in line with the theme of the competition, namely “Aktualisasi Generasi Berkualitas Pembangunan Negeri” (“Qualified Generation Actualization of State Development”). “Based on the theme, we would like to actualize our young generation, both university and high school students, to develop this country. For one reason, our roles as young generation are essential in developing this country,” he inserted.

Besides, one of the participants of Stick Bridge Design, Kamase, told that he was glad owing to the competition. Even though it was his first time joining the competition, it did not drive his team afraid and give up. “From this competition, we would learn basic knowledge of engineering. It would also enhance our experience and knowledge,” conveyed the first-grade student of Madrasah Aliyah Mu’allimin Yogyakarta.

The student, who comes from Makassar, expected that he would obtain not only experience and knowledge but also insight to pursue his higher education. “I am personally eager to take engineering department when enrolling at university. Therefore, this would be a basis for me so that I would not get difficulty at university. We also hope that we would win this competition although this is our first time joining this,” he said.

Furthermore, the Civil Classical Fest would end on Saturday evening (4/4) by announcing the winner of the three competitions. There were 37 teams vying in the competition: 19 teams of 21 registered teams of stick bridge design, 9 teams of building scale model, and 9 teams of LKTI selected from 13 registered teams.

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