Announcement of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Scholarship Program Academic Year 2019/2020 February Intakes

November 23, 2019 oleh : penmaru

We are delighted to inform you that the selection committee has completed their initial review of the UMY Scholarship applications and narrowed the selection to a shortlist of candidates for an interview. UMY Scholarship is prestigious and highly competitive so Congratulations on reaching this stage!

No. Register Number Name Country Department
1 18976548 Kebba Saine Gambia Master of Management
2 18976560 Wanangwa Sichinga Malawi Master of Management
3 18976563 Isaac Ahobow Ghana Master of Management
4 18976564 Robert Gonpou Mesleh Jr Liberia Master of Management
5 18976568 Muhammad Ammar Tariq Pakistan Master of Management
6 18976601 Matiullah Ahmadzai Afghanistan Master of Management
7 18976603 Syeda Nawal Haque Pakistan Master of Management
8 18976607 Ajmal Khan Pakistan Master of Management
9 18976611 Haseeb Haider Pakistan Master of Management
10 18976614 Osamah Qashnon Yemen Master of Management
11 18976617 Bahereldeen Yahia Mohamed Sudan Master of Management
12 18976618 Lydia Philip Nigeria Master of Management
13 18976547 Thi Bich Ngoc Hua Vietnam Master of Islamic Studies
14 18976623 Iram Jahan Pakistan Master of Islamic Studies
15 18976555 Ismail Sulaiman Nigeria Master of Islamic Studies
16 18976598 Saddam Hussain Pakistan Master of Islamic Studies
17 18976589 Abdurrahman Baghoush Egypt Master of Islamic Studies
18 18976594 Mariana Aslam Pakistan Master of Islamic Studies
19 18976578 Theophile Niyonsaba Burundi Master of Hospital Management
20 18976580 Mohamed Sesay Sierra Leonne Master of Hospital Management
21 18976581 Mou’Yed Ismail Palestina Master of Hospital Management
22 18976597 Mufliha Khan Pakistan Master of Hospital Management
23 18976624 Isaque Manteiga Joaquim Mozambique Master of Government Affairs and Administration
24 18976561 Bakary Conteh Gambia Master of Government Affairs and Administration
25 18976562 Abdullahi Yusuf Somalia Master of Government Affairs and Administration
26 18976626 Moses Tende Stephens Liberia Master of Nursing
27 18976630 Francois Haragakiza Burundi Master of Nursing
28 18976632 Nura Ogleh Somalia Master of Nursing
29 18976567 Serge Nanda Silatsa Cameroon Master of International Relations
30 18976622 Mubarak Azeez Nigeria Master of International Relations
31 18976570 Sandra Cecilia Mavura Zimbabwe Master of International Relations
32 18976571 Laiba Haroon Pakistan Master of International Relations
33 18976574 Sherajum Munira Bangladesh Master of International Relations
34 18976585 Ikrom Murodov Uzbekistan Master of International Relations
35 18976575 Osarumwense Samuel Osemwenkha Nigeria Master of Law
36 18976576 Hesham Altantawy Egypt Master of Law
37 18976577 Kazeem Sabit Nigeria Master of Law
38 18976579 Aisha Farouk Dawaki Nigeria Master of Law
39 18976587 Abbas Dehghani Hosseinabadi iran Master of Law
40 18976552 Basir Anilon Philippines Doctoral Program of Islamic Education Psychology
41 18976554 Abdulhameed Jimba Nigeria Doctoral Program of Islamic Education Psychology
42 18976629 Muhammad Imran Pakistan Doctoral Program of Political Islam
43 18976631 Simon Ntamwana Burundi Doctoral Program of Political Islam
44 18976596 Ilya Vdovin Russia Doctoral Program of Political Islam
45 18976635 Mekuanint Abera Timbula Ethiopia Doctoral of Management
46 18976634 Abdulwahid Abdulrahman Yemen Doctoral of Management
47 18976636 Muhammad Yousaf Atta Pakistan Doctoral of Management
48 18976637 Quratulain Memon Pakistan Doctoral of Management
49 18976591 Shahanaz Akter Bangladesh Doctoral of Management

For the name listed above, there will be interview section that held on 25 November to 10 December 2019 via skype. For futher information please check your email.