Welcoming Ramadhan, UMY to Hold RDK

Juli 19, 2012 oleh : BHP UMY

Ramadhan 1433 Hijri will soon come on July 20th. Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), through Takmir Masjid (mosque management) of KH. Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, would hold Ramadhan in Campus (RDK) program. Unlike the previous years, this time, RDK would include more activities.

Dr. Imamuddin Yuliadi, ST, M.Si, the Head of Takmir Masjid of KH. Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, gave this information in his speech in the opening ceremony of RDK and the program Islamic Study to Welcome Ramadhan in KH. Ahmad Dahlan Mosque on Monday (7/2). This RDK opening ceremony was in one parallel program with the program Islamic Study Session to Welcome Ramadhan that invited Sigit Yulianto, ST, M. Si, the officials, lecturers, and students of UMY.

Yuliadi stated that in the 1433 H RDK, the programs included a major Islamic study session (pengajian) to welcome Ramadhan, mass circumcision, cheap groceries bazaar, pre-Ramadhan dzuhur pengajian, Islamic Photography, Making Friend with 1000 Orphans, CERDAS (Ceria Ramadhan Anak Shaleh/ Cheerful Ramadhan for Dutiful Children), Sahur (pre-dawn breakfast) on The Road, Tarawih Prayer, etc. Yuliadi added, “Approximately, there are ten programs to hold, and today’s recitation is the opening agenda to open the 1433 H RDK.”

Meanwhile, the speaker in the Islamic study session to welcome Ramadhan, Sigit Yulianto, stated that Ramadhan became graceful because there was an obligation God had instructed to His creatures and there was something special that He did not give in other months. Yulianto added, “Ramadhan becomes a graceful month because of the obligation for fasting, and by joining programs such as these, God will give multiplied rewards.”

Yulianto also explained that fasting held uniqueness that other obligations did not have. He explicated, “You cannot see from the outside that someone is fasting. This is very different from other obligations such as shalat (prayer), hajj, charity, etc., which can be seen by the eyes.”

In the end of the study session, Yulianto confirmed that the main goal of Ramadhan was to increase obedience to God, and that was the highest degree a human could reach. Yulianto asserted, “If we pass Ramadhan well by joining positive activities and the like, we can reach the obedience, and it’s the highest degree that we can reach. Fasting is our tool to come to this highest degree.”