The NCC of UMY Conducts Social Services and Free Medical Treatment

January 9, 2017 by : BHP UMY

Nursing Care Club (NCC) of Nursing Department (PSIK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a social service and free medical treatment in Gunung Buthak RT 05, Ngrame, Tamantirto, Kasihan, Bantul on Sunday (8/1). Besides, they also organized free circumcision, Islamic preaching speech, a morning exercise, doctor consultation, health training, and clothing bazaar.

The event director of the events, Febri Dwi Saputro, stated, “The theme of the community services is ‘Share Kindness, Create More Healthy Community’. The services are the action due to the NCC’s awareness of people’s health.”

Febri also told that the two-day community services were annual programs of the NCC. “The services were held on 7-8 January. We invited people to pray Isya’ together and to attend Islamic preaching speech on 7 January, while on Monday 8 January we invited them to have a morning exercise, medical treatment, doctor consultation, grocery bazaar, clothing bazaar, and free circumcision. In the afternoon, we organized health training for the youth in the village,” he mentioned.

The NCC cooperated with several parties to conduct the events. “We cooperated with RS PKU Muhammadiyah  Bantul for the medical team and doctors. The circumcision team was from RS PKU Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta City. We also cooperated with Dompet Dhuafa to donate medicines and Dharul Tauhid to open clothing booths,” he asserted.

Through the social services, Febri encouraged other students to care of their community. “The social service location was near this university (UMY, ed.) so that other students do not need to held social services in far places because many people are disadvantaged,” he emphasized.

The social services may benefit the people. “It is expected that the people can enhance their understanding of health, and practice what they gained in the training. I hope that the people can do medical check-up each month at an integrated health post (posyandu) or a community health center (puskesmas) to prevent diseases and maintain their health,” he ended.