Six Islamic Values to Achieve Victory

May 18, 2019 by : Una

In Islamic history, the battle of Badr possesses essential learning for all Muslims. The battle of Badr is perpetuated on Al-Anfal verse 45, 46, and 47 and renders Islamic core values. In a tarawih preaching at Masjid K.H. Ahamd Dahlan, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Friday (17/5), Prof. Dr. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc., M.Ag explained that the Islamic values of the battle of Badr is a key to achieve victory.

Although firstly revealed in a context of the battle of Badr, the three verses encompass universal values for all human beings. “Compared to the Quraisy troops, the number of Muslims is way too slight. In the battle of Badr, the Quraisy sent almost 1000 troops to the battlefield, while Muslims only sent 300 troops. However, surprisingly, the Muslims could defeat the Quraisy in the battle. The Muslims could win because they were obsequious to Allah. These three verses contain important values for us to achieve victory,” detailed Yunahar.

There were six values from the three verses. On the verse 45, Allah commands Muslims to be resolute from temptations and menaces. It also teaches Muslims to always remember Allah. “The perfect example is from the Prophet Muhammad confronting the Quraisy in Mecca. That time, the Quraisy offered excessive temptations to stop Muhammad contending his da’wah. However, Muhammad refused, even when the Quraisy offered him the sun and the moon. Secondly, we must remember Allah by hearts, words, and actions,” delivered Yunahar.

Moreover, on the verse 46, Yunahar added that all Muslims are obliged to be constantly devout and patient. He continued, “All Muslims should adhere to Allah and Muhammad. This means that we cannot justify all means to reach our desires. Good intentions must go together with good deeds. Allah always orders Muslims to be istiqomah (persistent) on the right track, and to thoroughly surrender ourselves to Him.”

“Further, Muslims must not debate each other. This means that all Muslims should unite as one because debates and conflicts only bring schisms. Different arguments and opinions should not be a reason for Muslims to dissent. Otherwise, Muslims should help and forgive each other. Moreover, Allah also urges us to be patient, because everything requires processes and times,” maintained Yunahar.

Lastly, on the verse 47, Allah orders all Muslims to be heartfelt in deeds and actions. Yunahar emphasized, “The verse actually commands all Muslims not to model the kafir (infidel) in the battle of Badar. Eventually, the kafir lose because they were too conceited, thinking that they would win the battle. As to Muslims, the key is to be heartfelt which aims to seek Allah blessing, not just profane prominence.”