The National Congress of FOKKERMAPI 2017: Indonesia’s Digital Economy Potential

November 20, 2017 by : Una

A concept of Sharing Economy utilizing assets and resources has recently become a trend in Indonesia. In a national seminar on Monday (20/11) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), a speaker Ir. H. M. Romahurmuzy, M.T. talked about opportunities of digital economy.

He stated that information technology has altered the world’s economic direction. “This change can be noticed from big world companies. Mining and fuel companies dominated several decades ago. However, technology-based companies such as Apple, Windows, and Alphabet are leading. This circumstance also occurs in Indonesia. For instance, GO-JEK only needs seven years to achieve a valuation of 19 trillion rupiahs,” declared Romahurmuzy.

He contended that occasions of digital economy in Indonesia should be leveraged. “Thousands of Indonesian people have owned cell phones and become internet users. Thus, sharing economy can be applied in business and services by using information technology to ease various activities and needs. This phenomenon has been utilized by online business persons such as GO-JEK focusing on transportation and Bualapak concerning with e-commerce. Indeed, the business can effectively provide jobs to support the economic growth of this nation,” maintained Romahurmuzy.

“This is our effort to welcome the 4th industrial revolution in Indonesia. Hence, we have to reinforce out digital infrastructure to accommodate new startup companies. The reinforcement is necessary to enhance efficiency and effectiveness with low price,” suggested Romahurmuzy.

In addition, the seminar was a part of the Fokkermapi National Congress (Communication and Collaboration Forum of Governmental Students of Indonesia) organized on Sunday-Thursday (19-23/11). The forum was participated by 153 delegated from 38 Indonesian universities. Beside Romahurmuzy, the other speakers were Director of ASEAN Functional Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia J. S George Lantu, Head of Women Empowerment and Society of Yogyakarta dr. R.A. Arida Oetami, M.Kes., and Brigadier General of TNI Fajar Setyawan, S.IP. The forum was expected to create resolutions to solve issues in Indonesia.