8 Alumni of UMY Achieve Alumni Award 2018

May 12, 2018 by : Una

The Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) awardee, Nasrullah Larada achieved the award given by Rector of UMY.

Alumni are a benchmark to measure success of a higher education institution. Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) possess almost 30 thousand alumni and most of them gained achievements in their area of interest. To reward them, UMY conducted Alumni Award 2018.

In his remark, Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budianto, M.P. stated that the alumni award was underlain when UMY would like to appreciate alumni’s achievements. “The award is given because of their contribution to community instead of how glamour their life is. The alumni award also becomes UMY’s barometer to fathom and improve a curriculum applied by this university through the alumni’s experiences,” he declared.

The Alumni Award 2018 held in a courtyard of Kasman Singodimedjo Building was given to eight alumni that seven of them from each faculty obtained Alumni Achievement Award (AAA) while the other gained Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA).

The AAA awardees were Yana Aditya (President Commissioner of PT Phapros) from Faculty of Economics; dr. Hammi Azmi from Faculty of Medicine and Health Science; Dr. Sriyadi from Faculty of Agriculture; Syamsulhadi Irsyad (Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto) from Faculty of Law; and Fahd Fahdepie from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, while the OAA awardee was Nasrullah Larada from Faculty of Social and Political Science.

One of the AAA awardees from Faculty of Islamic Studies Dra. Mursida Rambe told that alumni’s dedication to community is a must and a part of dakwah. “I think that each alumnus of UMY devote themselves for society is a preacher. I believe dakwah  should not be monotonous and be carried out at masjid, but it can be undertaken through areas that we master,” maintained Dra. Mursida, a founder of a Sharia cooperative in Indonesia, BMT Beringharjo.

Morover, UMY alumni also would like to contribute to their juniors studying at UMY. One of the AAA awardees from Faculty of Engineering Fither Ramilado informed that UMY Alumni Association (KAUMY) are initiating to provide scholarships for UMY students. “Yana Aditya and I have discussed scholarship offers to UMY students. This becomes are our contribution to young generation who will continue our efforts to develop Indonesia to be better,” mentioned Fither, an alumnus of Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2001 as well as Director of Business Operation and Development of PT Rumah Sakit Bakti Timah.